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About Agropolis

At the heart of the scientific
community of Montpellier
and Occitanie region (France), the world’s greatest concentration of skills and expertise in fields related to agriculture, food, biodiversity and the environment, oriented towards the development of Mediterranean and tropical regions.


Skills and expertise
(Research and training)

The association gathers 42 Members and 7 Partners

With 20 scientific institutions, 4 local authorities and representatives of the economic world, Agropolis International is an original and unique place for exchanges and building up partnerships.

Members & Partners

Headquarters: 1000 avenue Agropolis, Montpellier, France

Agropolis International, an association
founded in 1986 and governed by institutions of the regional scientific community.

A gateway that provides:

• Easy access to expertise and
resources of the scientific community

Access to information media:
newsletters, websites, thematic
portals, summaries of scientific
knowledge on current topics and
• Support for national and international
collective interinstitutional
projects (promotion, coordination,
Welcome service for delegations and visitors
Assistance for international PhD students and researchers (Euraxess Centre
in Languedoc-Roussillon)
Conference facilities
• An interface with development
• A platform for the development and
coordination of new partnerships


Patrick Caron

Director: Eric Fargeas

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