Covid-19 pandemic/Postponement of the 4th International Conference on Global Food Security : New date 06-09 December 2020, Montpellier

The 4th International Conference on Global Food Security addresses the topic of food security at all spatial levels from local to global, and from an interdisciplinary and systemic food systems perspective. It aims to better understand environmental, nutritional, agricultural, demographic, socio-economic, political, technological and institutional drivers, costs and outcomes of current and future food security. Interactions with contextual factors including climate change, urbanisation, greening the economy and data-driven technologies will be central. The conference addresses the triple burden of malnutrition: hunger, micronutrient deficiencies and obesity. It explores the state-of-the-art of interdisciplinary insight, addresses the trade-offs that occur - and synergies that can be sought -in transforming food systems. These are aimed at reconciling the competing environmental, economic or social objectives and outcomes towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals at different levels across spatial and temporal scales. Contributions which bridge themes or scales, foster interdisciplinarity and integration or address interactions between science and non-academic stakeholders (civil society, private sector and policy makers) are particularly welcome. Congress organized by Elsevier, I-Site MUSE, Wageningen University with the partnership of Agropolis International, CIRAD,IRD,INRAE, CGIAR.
Early bird registration deadline: 13 July 2020.

Published on : 26-03-2020

Covid-19 pandemic/EEID2020 conference-18th Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases meeting : the meeting has been rescheduled to the 11-14 June 2021 and will still be held in Montpellier

The current program (sessions and speakers) is maintained + a half-day ‘COVID-19/pandemic risk’ session will be added.
The EEID Conferences is a major international scientific meeting that brings together more than 400 participants each year on the study of the epidemiology and evolution of infectious diseases.
The purpose of this conference is to bring together a very active scientific community working on infectious diseases and combining approaches from epidemiology, ecology and/or evolutionary biology.

Published on : 15-04-2020

Covid-19 pandemic/The 28th Conference Asic 2020 on Coffee Science scheduled to take place in June 2020 will be postponed from 28 June to 1 July 2021 in Montpellier

During the conference, all possible aspects of coffee science and technology will be developed and the participants will be able to hear and share novelties on the different following topics: agronomy: genetics, botany, agrotechnology, pests and diseases, agroecology, etc. chemistry: coffee analysis, chemical composition, aroma, etc. technology: green coffee processing, roasting, grinding, extraction, decaffeination, etc. physiological effects: coffee and health packaging, storage, etc.

Conference organized by: CIRAD, IRD, Montpellier SupAgro and Agropolis International.

Published on : 24-03-2020


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