Discover the English version of the last issue of the series ‘Les dossiers d’Agropolis International’ : Marine and coastal sciences in Occitanie n° 24 (131 pages, July 2019)

This document was published with the support of Occitanie/ Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region, I-SITE MUSE and IFREMER.
More than 150 teams of scientists and experts from the Occitanie Region participated in the 24th issue of the Dossiers d’Agropolis International series, dedicated to marine and coastal sciences in the Mediterranean. These teams come from 15 universities and engineering schools, 13 national research institutions, as well as—and this is a first for this series—private businesses—namely start-ups, consultancy firms, national and even international companies having a presence in Occitanie— and civil society organisations. Thus, without being exhaustive, this Dossier reflects the diversity, dynamism, originality and multidisciplinary nature of the scientific, applied technological and citizen research pertaining to marine and coastal sciences, both in Occitanie and at national and international levels.

Published on : 27-08-2019

Abstract deadline until 15 September 2019 for the Second International Crop Modelling Symposium (iCROPM2020) which will be held February 3-5, 2020 in Montpellier, France

Four years after the 1st International Crop Modelling Symposium in Berlin (iCROPM2016), crop modelers from around the world will meet at the iCROPM2020 Symposium in Montpellier, France to exchange on advances in crop modelling and identify challenges and new opportunities for future research. iCROPM2020 will focus on recent improvements and applications of crop simulation models to better support agricultural production and food security under global change. All types of crops and cropping systems (arable, grasslands, intercrops) and world regions will be considered, including high and low inputs systems, with relevance for large agricultural enterprises to smallholder farmers.

Published on : 09-09-2019

Montpellier hosts, from 07 to 09/10/2019, 200 cities for the Milan urban food policy pact: "Cities and 2030 Agenda of the UN: 17 Sustainable Development Goals to Guide Urban Food Systems" Date: 07-10-2019 at 09-10-2019 Location: Montpellier (Le Corum)

Montpellier hosts, from 07 to 09/10/2019, 200 cities for the Milan Pact: In 2015, the City of Milan gathered cities around a strong commitment: the Urban Food Pact, with nearly 200 cities now signatories from Washington DC to Dakar via London, Seoul or Lima. Regardless of the political orientations of states, cities work together and meet every year at the Mayors Summit of the Milan Pact.
After Milan, Rome, Valencia and Tel Aviv, Montpellier will welcome more than 200 local elected representatives from all continents to work around an ambitious and federating theme »Cities and the 2030 Agenda of the UN: 17 Sustainable Development Goals for guide urban food systems.
Pre-program online: http://www.milanurbanfoodpolicypact.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2019.08.22-provisional-agenda-5th-MUFPP-Annual-gathering-and-Mayors-Summit-2019.pdf

Published on : 27-08-2019

Discover the declaration of the Desertif'actions Summit: "We are the land that defends itself against desertification" (June 2019, Burkina-Faso)

The Fourth International Summit of Civil Society Actors Désertif'actions was held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, from 19 to 22 June 2019 and brought together more than 380 participants from some 40 countries, representing 230 multi-stakeholder organizations: grassroots communities, NGOs, scientists, local authorities, international organizations, private and public sector actors....

This year, 4 thematic axes are proposed: the Great Green Wall Initiative, pastoralism, land and multi-use of water.

Désertif'actions was organized by the CARI association (member of Agropolis International), the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, the Permanent Secretariat of Non-Governmental Organizations.

Published on : 16-07-2019

Save the date: 28th biannual conference of ASIC (Association for the Science and Information on Coffee), 22-25 June 2020, Montpellier

This association has been existing for 54 years already and has organized regularly conferences on coffee science trying to alternate coffee producing and consuming countries.This conference represents a unique opportunity to gather specialists (research institutes, universities, coffee industry and coffee professionals…) from all over the world working to face several important challenges (sustainability, climate change, quality, health…).

During the conference, all possible aspects of coffee science and technology will be developed and the participants will be able to hear and share novelties on the different following topics:

agronomy: genetics, botany, agrotechnology, pests and diseases, agroecology, etc.
chemistry: coffee analysis, chemical composition, aroma, etc.
technology: green coffee processing, roasting, grinding, extraction, decaffeination, etc.
physiological effects: coffee and health
packaging, storage, etc.

Conference organized by: CIRAD, IRD, Montpellier SupAgro and Agropolis International.

Published on : 16-07-2019


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