See photos, presentations and posters of the Conference - Debate 'Rural employment and agricultural models: Issues and experiences shared from Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Africa', European Parliament, Brussels, 10th May 2017, Conference organized by Agropolis International and several member institutions

This conference hosted by Eric ANDRIEU, S&D Coordinator for Agriculture and Rural Development, was organised by Agropolis International Association and several member institutions-Bioversity International, CIHEAM/IAM.M, CIRAD, CNRS, INRA, IRD, IRSTEA, Montpellier SupAgro-. Open to the Euro MPs, European officials of the various DG of the European Commission (Agricultural and Rural Development ; Research & Innovation ; International Cooperation and Development)and to permanent representatives member states.
Objectives of the event :
Show the contribution of the scientific community research actions regarding the global issues related to agriculture for development, food security and fight against malnutrition linked to climate change,
Highlight the link between science and rural employment directly related to production as well as indirect and induced employment,
Present some achievements of the regional Agropolis scientific community in Montpellier focusing on flagship projects, in partnership with European and South organisations.

Published on : 30-05-2017

Save the date: GEOBIA' 18 - Conference 'Geobia in a changing World - From pixels to ecosystems and global sustainability' will be held in Montpellier (Agropolis International), 18-22 August 2018

GEOBIA'18 is expected to gather scientists, professionals and users, from academia, industry, the public sector and government from all over the world.
GEOBIA'18 will continue to be a platform to present research and development on the traditional topics: theory/concept, methods/algorithm and OBIA applications. Special focus will cover today challenges as big data integration, open sources solution, cloud analyses, semantic and knowledge integration. GEOBIA'18 will offer an opportunity for exchange and collaboration perspectives for various global Earth issues facing climate change impacts. Southern and Northern teams would find during this session the opportunity to present their work regarding worldwide challenges such as agro-system, forestry and natural resources monitoring, food security or crop yield modelling, risks management or urban applications.
GEOBIA'18 is organized by several joint research units of Agropolis community : joint research unit ESPACE-DEV and TETIS with the partnership of the joint research unit CESBIO (located at Toulouse) and ONERA (French AeroSpace Research Centre).
The submission for an abstract for a verbal or a poster presentation at the conference will be open from 19 November 2017.

Published on : 18-08-2017

Save the date: ISESSAH 2018 (International Society for Economics and Social Sciences of Animal Health)/ InnovSur 2018 ('INNOVATION in Health Surveillance' International Forum) will be held in Montpellier (14-18 May, 2018)

The International Society for Economics and Social Sciences of Animal Health (ISESSAH) was established in 2017. ISESSAH aims to improve animal health and welfare policies, programmes and projects through more nuanced use of concepts and tools available in economics and social science disciplines. In the process it will provide opportunities for animal health professionals globally to achieve wider societal benefits from animals in society.
The ISESSAH 2018 conference will provide a forum to meet colleagues and leading thinkers in the field to enhance the use of economics in animal health education, research and policy making internationally.
The combination of ISESSAH 2018 and INNOVSUR event co-organised by the French Institute for Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD) will provide a specific opportunity for greater North-South interactions and emphasize on environmental and agricultural health economic issues.

Published on : 18-08-2017

Registration before July 31, 2017 for MISS-ABMS 2017/Multi-platform International Summer School on Agent-Based Modelling & Simulation for Renewable Resources Management which will be held 4-15 September 2017, Agropolis International, Montpellier

This summer school is about learning the different skills required for building agent-based models for renewable resources management.It is organized by CIRAD and IRSTEA with the partnership of Agropolis International association, CNRS, Universities of Toulouse and Rouen.

Published on : 20-07-2017

See the videos of MED Forum CIHEAM 2016, First Forum initiative for PhD students and young researchers from the Mediterranean area ( July / 18-19 2016)

This Forum was organized at its Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier with the aim to foster communication, dialogue and co-publications between the various partner institutions conducting scientific research in the field of rural development in Mediterranean countries. In this endeavor, the CIHEAM has been supported by a strong partnership with The Union for the Mediterranean through the regional project on Higher Education on Food Security and Rural Development. The Joint Research Unit “ UMR System” and the Western Europe Department of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (Francophone University Agency) also provided scientific and financial support to the event together with other partner institutions of the CIHEAM-IAMM in the Mediterranean area.

Published on : 17-07-2017

Save the date : International conference Eucalyptus 2018 ‘Managing Eucalyptus Plantations Under Global Changes’, 17-21/09/2018, Montpellier (Corum)

This conference is an opportunity for scientists and managers of forest plantations to present the recent advances in silviculture and genetics and to improve our understanding of the response of eucalypts to biotic and abiotic stresses. The ecosystem services influenced by eucalypt monocultures and mixed-species plantations with eucalypt trees will be addressed.
The conference will be organized in plenary sessions to promote interdisciplinary discussions between forest managers and researchers specialized in tree breeding, silviculture, forest pathology, as well as environmental and social issues. A pre-conference tour in southern France and northern Spain is in preparation to present the state of the art of the silviculture and breeding in European eucalypt plantations. Event organized by CIRAD with IUFRO.

Published on : 17-07-2017

Call for proposals until 7 September 2017 for the international conference ‘Living territories’ / 22-24 January 2018, Le Corum, Montpellier

CIRAD is working with a range of partners (including Agropolis International) to organize an international conference on "Living territories for a sustainable development". The aim of the event is to debate the role of rural territories and of their interactions with urban areas to the achievement of sustainable development, both locally and globally. Three specific objectives are identified, namely: 1)To highlight new scientific knowledge on territorial approaches to rural development ; 2)To showcase successful place-based innovations and projects including organisational and institutional reforms ; 3)To analyse and question the conditions of success for territorial development, especially within the context of the implementation of the SDGs Up to 250 participants are expected to attend, from 22 to 24 January 2018. The Conference will be composed of plenary and parallel sessions (mini symposia).

Published on : 17-07-2017

Just published: The declaration of non-State actors “Reducing land Degradation and Rehabilitating Degraded Land must Become a priority for the international community” /International summit  Desertif’Actions 2017 (27th-28th June 2017 - Strasbourg, France)

Desertif'actions was the non-State actors International Summit dedicated to land degradation and climate change. The meeting brought together over 300 stakeholders from over 50 countries in Strasbourg (France). NGO, scientists, local government, farmer organizations, private and public institutions… shared their concerns and built common positions on land degradation under a changing climate and its consequences in northern and southern countries. Organized by several institutions including CARI, member of Agropolis International.

Published on : 17-07-2017

Call for papers for the MISTRALS workshop on ‘Climate change impacts in the Mediterranean region’ (Agropolis International, Montpellier - 16-18 October 2017) open until July 14, 2017

The goal of this workshop, sponsored by the MISTRALS program (http://www.mistrals-home.org/), is to present recent research conducted on the impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean region and to propose common perspectives. This workshop aims to bring together a wide range of researchers and students, whose work is related to the impacts of climate change, to improve dialogue and interactions between climate modelers and the different scientific communities.

Published on : 11-07-2017

New ARIMNet2 2017 Joint Call dedicated to young researchers from the Mediterranean Area (open until 14 September 2017)

This call covers two topics: Topic 1: Promoting sustainable agriculture for socio-economic development; Topic 2: Valorising local products through food value chains improvement.The ARIMNet2 project (2014-2017), coordinated by INRA in partnership with Agropolis International, is an ERA-NET Action financed by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration, aimed at enhancing the coordination of agricultural research in the Mediterranean area and strengthening the cooperation among stakeholders from the food and agriculture sector. It involves 24 partners (funding agencies and research organisations) from 15 Mediterranean countries providing funding and reinforcing research cooperation opportunities to address the huge societal challenges faced by the whole Mediterranean area and their implications for the agricultural sector ranging from food production, to water and natural resources use and rural development.

Published on : 10-07-2017

CARI, member of Agropolis International, organizes the international summit of non-state actors/ Land degradation and climate change in local territories (27th-28th June 2017 - Strasbourg, France)

Desertif'actions is the non-State actors International Summit dedicated to land degradation and climate change. The meeting will bring together over 300 stakeholders from over 50 countries from June 27th to 28th 2017 in Strasbourg (France).
NGO, scientists, local government, farmer organizations, private and public institutions… will meet in Strasbourg in order to share their concerns and built common positions on land degradation under a changing climate and its consequences in northern and southern countries!
Organized by several institutions including CARI, member of Agropolis International.

Published on : 13-06-2017

TO RENT: 100sqm offices (from 13sqm to 30sqm) available at Agropolis International premises in Montpellier

Offices to rent in Montpellier- The Agropolis International association has available to let 100sqm offices- from 13sqm to 30sqm- ideally located in the heart of the scientific community on the Agropolis/Lavalette campus. These offices are located within the Agropolis International building that welcomes every year more than 10 000 national and international visitors.

Published on : 09-06-2017

CGIAR Portfolio 2017-2022: Transforming global agriculture and food systems

CGIAR has launched its new research portfolio, comprised of 11 Research Programs and 3 Platforms, that represents the second generation of CGIAR’s multidimensional work streams.
The CGIAR Portfolio 2017-2022 aims to reduce rural poverty, improve food and nutrition security and improve natural resources and ecosystem services. It maintains momentum in selected areas while placing renewed emphasis on key issues such as: integrated agri-food systems based approaches, nutrition and health, climate change, soils and degraded land, global stewardship of genetic resources, and big data and ICT.
The CGIAR System Organization headquarters is located in Montpellier, at the heart of the Agropolis scientific community.

Published on : 29-05-2017

Presentation of the Laboratories without walls concept (Labs WW) on the occasion of the conference-debate «Rural employment and agricultural models: Issues and experiences shared from Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Africa» held at the European Parliament in Brussels, on 10th May 2017

Alejandro Valeiro, Coordinator of Labintex of Inta (Argentina) at Agropolis International (Montpellier-France) has presented a poster showcasing the objectives of this original partnership and the main thematic areas of interest for the 3 “Labs WW” set up in Montpellier: Labex Europe of Embrapa (Brazil), Labintex of Inta (Argentina), Labex UPM/University of Putra Malaysia (Malaysia). To be noted: these cooperation tools have been hosted and managed by Agropolis International Association since 2002. This poster was part of a series that showcased the research programmes of several member organizations of the Agropolis scientific community.

Published on : 22-05-2017


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