The Executive Secretariat of Initiative 4 for 1000, hosted by the CGIAR, is located in the Agropolis International building in Montpellier

This initiative aims to promote carbon storage in the soil to mitigate climate change, adapt to it and contribute to food security.
Launched two years ago by France, it involves more than 250 partner institutions and 130 member organizations or countries from all walks of life, including CGIAR, CIRAD, INRA and IRD.
Initiative 4 for 1000 receives World Future Council's Visionary Future Policy Award which recognizes the best policies dedicated to land restoration.
More about this prize: https://www.worldfuturecouncil.org/inc/uploads/2017/08/FPA-2017-French.pdf

Published on : 07-09-2017

Registration open for the Mooc (course on line) "Vine&Wine": introduction to vine and wine science

This MOOC will initiate you to the scientific and technological bases which define the framework in which wine professionals work, from the vine to the glass. This international online course presents 4 key modules on wine-making and sales: vine biology, viticultural practices, oenology and wine economy. This course is aimed to science students with a B.Sc. in order to discover the basis of vine and wine sciences and to professionals who wish to extend their field of knowledge. Created by several French organizations: Montpellier SupAgro (member of Agropolis International), AgroSupDijon, Bordeaux Sciences Agro, ENSAT and INRA.
This project is supported by Agropolis Fondation and IAVFF.

Published on : 20-11-2017

Call for abstracts open until January 15th 2018 for the 2nd Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology, 18-22 August 2018, Montpellier (Le Corum)

This Joint Congress takes place every six years and brings together four of the world's largest academic societies in the field of evolutionary biology: the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, the American Society of Naturalists, the Society for the Study of Evolution and the Society of Systematic Biologists. 2500 attendees are expected for this event.
It is organized by Ophélie Ronce, a researcher at the joint research unit ISEM and Yannis Michalakis, a researcher at the joint research unit MIVEGEC. Congress organized with the support of Agropolis International. The meeting is dedicated to the memory of Isabelle Oliveri, a researcher of Agropolis scientific community and former President of ESEB.
Following the traditional format of ESEB conferences, all contributed talks and posters will be submitted to specific symposia and selected on the basis of their abstract by symposium organizers.

The list of symposia is available at: http://evolutionmontpellier2018.org/symposia

Published on : 20-11-2017

Dead-line for early bird registration is postponed: 1st December 2017 for the international conference "Living Territories for a Sustainable Development", 22-24 January 2018, Montpellier (Le Corum)

The aim of this event organized by CIRAD with a range of partners (including Agropolis International) is to debate the role of rural territories and of their interaction with urban areas to the achievement of sustainable development, both locally and globally. Up to 250 participants are expected.
Keynote Speakers: Dr Julio Berdegue, Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, FAO, Chile; Dr Bruno Losch, Co-director, Center for the Study of Governance Innovation (GovInn), based at the University of Western Cape, South Africa, and lead political economist at CIRAD; Dr Ibrahim Mayaki, CEO, Secretariat of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, NEPAD, South of Africa; Pr Saskia Sassen, Professor of Sociology and member of the Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University, USA; Dr Sara Scherr, President & CEO, EcoAgriculture Partners, USA.

Published on : 20-11-2017

Call for abstracts open until December 10, 2017 for GEOBIA’18 / Conference 'Geobia in a changing World - From pixels to ecosystems and global sustainability', 18-22 June 2018 Montpellier (Agropolis International)

GEOBIA'18 is expected to gather scientists, professionals and users, from academia, industry, the public sector and government from all over the world.
GEOBIA'18 will continue to be a platform to present research and development on the traditional topics: theory/concept, methods/algorithm and OBIA applications. Special focus will cover today challenges as big data integration, open sources solution, cloud analyses, semantic and knowledge integration.
GEOBIA'18 will offer an opportunity for exchange and collaboration perspectives for various global Earth issues facing climate change impacts. Southern and Northern teams will find during this session the opportunity to present their work regarding worldwide challenges such as agro-system, forestry and natural resources monitoring, food security or crop yield modelling, risks management or urban applications. GEOBIA'18 is organized by several joint research units of Agropolis community: joint research unit ESPACE-DEV and TETIS with the partnership of the joint research unit CESBIO (located at Toulouse) and ONERA (French AeroSpace Research Centre).

Published on : 20-11-2017

INVITATION - SME/Start up from Food - Health - ICT - Creative industries: call for participation for the event INCluSilver ITNE (Innovation Training and Networking Event), 15/11/2017 (09h-17h), Budapest, Hungary

Agropolis International invites SMEs and start up to a networking session as part of the European INCluSilver project. More than 50 European SMEs will come together to facilitate interactions and collaborations in order to generate innovations, whether technological, product or service innovations for the silver economy... Come and share your ideas and experiences with other European SMEs! BtoB will be organized. Travel expenses can be covered.

Published on : 02-11-2017

Multi-platform International Summer School on Agent-Based Modelling & Simulation (MISS-ABMS) for Renewable Resources Management: the 2017 edition which was held from 4 to 15 September at Agropolis International, Montpellier/France hosted 20 participants from 9 countries across Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia

Each year, Agropolis International hosts the Multi-platform International Summer School on Agent-Based Modelling & Simulation (MISS-ABMS) for Renewable Resources Management. During this two-weeks course, working in small groups through participatory approaches, participants acquire the basic skills required for building their own agent-based models. The 2017 edition was held from 4 to 15 September and hosted 20 participants from 9 countries across Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. This summer school is co-organised by CIRAD, IRSTEA and Agropolis International, in collaboration with CNRS and the Universities of Toulouse and Rouen.

Published on : 25-09-2017

Participate in the 5th SESAME international seminar 'Agriculture, integrated management of resources and climate: What new territorial governance for sustainable development in the Mediterranean and West Africa' on Tuesday 10th October 2017, Agropolis International, Montpellier, France

The General Council for Food, Agriculture and Rural Spaces (CGAAER, France), the General Council for Agricultural Development (CGDA, Morocco) and the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), with the support of Agropolis International, ADECIA, the Regional Directorate for Agriculture and Forestry of Occitania and the Association Echanges méditerranéens pour l'eau, la forêt organize this event. The Hérault General Council, AIRMF, CIHEAM, AFEID, the FARM foundation, Plan Bleu, IME and Green Cross are partners of the event.
This seminar is open, with registration required at: www.agropolis.fr/formulaires/sesame2017.php
On-line program at: http://www.agropolis.fr/pdf/actu/sesame-projet-programme.pdf
SESAME is one of the three major events of the 'Mediterranean Week in Agropolis' (10-13 October 2017, Agropolis International, Montpellier): http://www.agropolis.fr/actualites/2017-recherche-agronomique-en-mediterranee-octobre2017.php

Published on : 22-09-2017

Just published: «Key points for discussion at the panel conference »/Conference - Debate 'Rural employment and agricultural models: Issues and experiences shared from Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Africa'(September 2017)

This conference hosted by Eric ANDRIEU, S&D Coordinator for Agriculture and Rural Development, was organised by Agropolis International Association and several member institutions-Bioversity International, CIHEAM/IAM.M, CIRAD, CNRS, INRA, IRD, IRSTEA, Montpellier SupAgro-.
-Open to the Euro MPs, European officials of the various DG of the European Commission (Agricultural and Rural Development ; Research & Innovation ; International Cooperation and Development)and to permanent representatives member states.
Objectives of the event :
Show the contribution of the scientific community research actions regarding the global issues related to agriculture for development, food security and fight against malnutrition linked to climate change,
Highlight the link between science and rural employment directly related to production as well as indirect and induced employment,
Present some achievements of the regional Agropolis scientific community in Montpellier focusing on flagship projects, in partnership with European and South organisations.

Published on : 22-09-2017

Mediterranean Week at Agropolis International : participate in three major events (Sesame - ARIMNet2 - PRIMA) 10,12 and 13 October 2017, Agropolis International, Montpellier, France

Three international events are organized at Agropolis International:
- 5th SESAME International Seminar:' Agriculture, integrated management of resources and climate: What new territorial governance for sustainable development in the Mediterranean and West Africa?10/10/2017.
- ARIMNet2 Event:ARIMNet2 Mid-term Meeting of the Research Projects funded in the 2015 Joint Call and ARIMNet2 Final Conference,12 and 13/10/2017;
- Presentation of the PRIMA Initiative's Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area - 2018-2028), 13/10/2017.
These events are open with a free but mandatory registration.
- Consult the entire program: http://www.agropolis.fr/actualites/2017-recherche-agronomique-en-mediterranee-octobre2017.php

Published on : 22-09-2017


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