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Agropolis International manages a network which proposes personalized programs of visits.

A cross-institutes service including 20 persons has been set up in 2008 by Agropolis International to allow an easier access to the scientific community competences and help all the protagonists (visitors, organisers, host laboratories, etc.) involved in the organisation and building up of interinstitutional visits.

Get in touch with Agropolis International and send a request as accurate as possible, at least 1 month before the visit with the following information:

Name and address of your institution, positions of the visitors
Purpose of the visit, needs and expectations
Themes of interest, pre-existing contacts (people, institution)
Specify if it is the first time you come to Montpellier and if it is not the case, indicate the people and institutions already met
Preferred language (French, English or Spanish)
Forecasted arrival and departure dates and times

You will receive the final program at least 3 days before your visit.

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